Fraction Calculator

Fraction calculators can help with many math problems.

Fraction Calc is a website dedicated to helping anyone that struggles with fractions. As you can see, we include a fraction calculator on this page that will add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions. We also have pages with calculators and examples that are specific to different ways to work with fractions. If you are new to fractions and need to be brought up to speed, I'd recommend either watching this video on an introduction to fractions, or reviewing some of these primer lessons on fractions and how they work.

Universal Fraction Calculator


First Fraction


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Second Fraction


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Subtract Fractions
Multiply Fractions
Divide Fractions

As you can see, this fraction calculator will perform all four basic functions for working with fractions. It will also simplify the answer into the most reduced fraction form. To learn more about simplifying fractions, take a look at this lesson.

Fraction Parts

If you have been working on fractions already, you probably know that the simplest break down of the parts are the numerator and the denominator. The numerator is the top number of a fraction and the denominator is the bottom number. If this is new to you, please take a peak at this website that may help with any confusion.